Why is Sciatica Not a Chronic Pain Condition?

Why is Sciatica Not a Chronic Pain Condition?

People who have sciatica pain Hamilton NJ will often be confused with some basic medical terminology surrounding sciatica. If you didn’t already know this, sciatica is not a medical condition of any sort. This doesn’t mean that you cannot treat sciatica pain, though. Below, the people from Performance Pain have prepared some points for you to reference on this topic.

Sciatica is a Set of Symptoms

When the word sciatica flies around in the medical community, it is widely understood that symptoms are being discussed. Usually, these symptoms include sharp pain in your lower back and legs. These symptoms of pain can also come along with feelings of tingling, numbness, weakness, and so on. People with sciatica pain often have a hard time carrying out normal lives without pain taking a toll on their lifestyle and mental health.

You Can Have Many Different Potential Conditions if You Have Sciatica

Sciatica can be caused by a wide variety of conditions including muscle spasms, lumbar spinal stenosis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, among many others. This is why sciatica is a symptom rather than a condition. However, any instance of sciatica pain can also be pinpointed back to irritation of some sort in the sciatic nerve. This can translate down to being caused by a wide variety of conditions.

Sciatica Can Manifest in Different Forms

If we were to treat a sprained ankle, there is a pretty standard routine that is followed. After all, ankle sprains are almost always the same, with the slight differences in cases being in severity. Sciatica is not this way, though. You can feel pain in many potential parts of your body. Besides, it can be caused by a wide range of potential conditions.

Most People with Sciatica Don’t Need Medical Help

Chronic pain is defined as pain persisting for 12 weeks and more. The typical person with sciatica pain, on the other hand, will often only experience symptoms of pain for a month or so. Chronic pain conditions usually won’t ever go away on their own naturally without a treatment plan from professionals and consistent action taken from home by the patient.

You Can Have Symptoms of Sciatica & a Chronic Pain Condition

Many of the people seeking help for sciatica pain in Hamilton NJ will have been suffering from the symptoms of sciatica for quite a long period of time. These sorts of cases often indicate that there is an underlying chronic pain condition that needs treatment. This is probably why the line can be blurred between calling sciatica a condition rather than its proper title as a symptom.

Think You Need Help Getting Sciatica Pain Under Control?

If you have been struggling with sciatica pain in Hamilton NJ and have been unable to get things under control by yourself, you are invited to come in and see us here at Performance Pain. If you are a first-time visitor, you will be able to receive a free consultation. In almost any case, we can help you get your pain under control without resorting to surgery or pain medication.