Site Agreements for Caravan Parks Permanent Accommodation

Site Agreements for Caravan Parks Permanent Accommodation

Caravan parks permanent accommodation site agreement requirements should be discussed by residential park owners and homeowners before moving into caravan parks permanent living. The following factors should be discussed by both parties in advance.

Site Agreement Requirements

Caravan parks are a great alternative to brick homes. There are site agreement requirements which should be taken into consideration before moving into a caravan park. They include the following;

1)    The site agreement should be written clearly. Ensure the correct details are included in the site agreement including the party’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.

2)    It should indicate the site rent and other applicable charges added to overall charges.

3)    The site agreement should be signed by all parties.

4)    It should clearly state the maximum number of people who can live at the site at a particular time.

5)    Details regarding altering site rent should be included.

Special Terms in the Site Agreement

Park owners and homeowners should discuss any special terms included in site agreements. They should be agreed and decided by both parties to ensure there’s a mutual understanding to avoid any legal issues in future. Ensure you’re comfortable with the special site agreements before signing. These agreements should be signed while following the terms made by the Queensland Civil Administration Tribunal (QCAT). Any changes regarding special site agreements should be reported to QCAT to ensure they’re in order following stipulated Australian laws.

Terminating Site Agreements

There are rules to be followed before terminating site agreements. They include;

1)    Termination by Home Owner

There are two methods applied by homeowners during termination of site agreements. The first method involves termination during the cooling off period whereby a 28-day notice is given to the park owners. The second method involves the homeowner terminating site agreements by completing a termination notice by the homeowner to the park management.

2)    Termination by the Park Owner

Park owners may also terminate site agreements if the following incidents take place in the caravan park.

  • Breaking site agreements and not fixing them within 28days.
  • Fighting in the residential park.
  • Damage to property.
  • Incorrect use of the residence not stipulated in the site agreement.
  • Park owner wishes to use the parkland for other purposes.
  • Breach of contract.

3)    Mutual Agreement

Both parties should mutually agree to terminate site agreements under the termination notice – by mutual agreement. This ensures laws aren’t broken by both parties during termination of site agreements.

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