Why Your Child Should Learn About App Development

Why Your Child Should Learn About App Development

The Future is Mobile

For virtually any 21 century problem, there is a mobile app to provide a quick and easy solution. In fact, there is a good chance you are reading this very blog through the mobile app version of your favorite web browser, given that last year, over 50% of web traffic in the world was from mobile devices alone! Numbers like these are only expected to grow as the use of smartphones expands to more developing countries, and as these numbers grow, so does the demand for mobile app developers. Getting your children started on mobile app development for kids early is a good way to set them up for a successful future.

Now that you know how CSS and other coding languages can benefit your child email us or call us today. Launch After School aims to educate children on CSS and other coding and prepare them for the future. We have weekly after school programs available as well as Austin summer camps with Coding School Franchise.

What Is a Mobile App?

From the games your kids can’t get enough of, to the calendar app that keeps you on schedule, apps come in many forms. Basically, any computer application designed for a mobile device, usually for a smartphone, can be considered an “app”. Right now there are over 2 million apps in the Google Play Store and counting! With Android phones making up for 75% of the worlds mobile phone market just about every one of them needs developers for updates and maintenance.

Why Consider a Career in Mobile App Development?

Smartphones are becoming more common and essential for the function of our everyday lives meaning there are countless opportunities for app developers in tomorrow’s economy. According to recent market statistics, the average salary for a mobile app developer is approximately $72, 000 a year, up to $110,000! Knowing how to develop mobile apps is a skill that not only ensures job security but financial security as well. Even if your child isn’t interested in an app development career, the problem-solving and technical skills learned along the way will be invaluable in almost any career as reliance on automation increases.

Where to start?

Giving your child a head start with the basics of app development skills early in life sets them up for success. With Texas public schools lagging behind in early coding education, it’s time to look at outside science and technology after-school programs like the ones here at Launch Code After School. With our Mobile App Development in Austin summer camps and after-school program, students get hands-on experience making their own mobile app from start to finish, giving them the confidence to tackle more advanced projects in the future!

Interested in giving your child the tools for a successful and fulfilling future? Check out the courses and programs offered at Launch Code After School and come in for a free curriculum demo!