Successful Marketing: Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Successful Marketing: Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Successful marketing can really be broken down into four simple steps. At first, this may seem overly simple. And these four steps are simple. But, each process requires specialized knowledge that has been gained through experience. So it is best if you get professional assistance with these. But if you can complete each of these four processes, successfully, you will be on your way to building a strong marketing strategy.

The first process is: Identifying the best prospects for your business. Those are the people who will most likely want or need the products, guidance, motivation, assistance and encouragement that you provide. Understanding exactly who your best potential clients are is essential!

The second process is: Attracting those best prospects to your business. This can only be done if your business is properly branded so that every aspect of your marketing and advertising reflects the core values of your business. This allows those best prospects to connect with those values. Every aspect of your marketing must reflect your authentic branding. Don’t make the potentially fatal mistake of inventing a brand that is inauthentic or represents what you want your business to be. Clients will quickly figure out if they have been misled into choosing you.

The third process is: Converting your best prospects into satisfied clients. This is obviously the only way those best prospects will become and remain clients. This relates to the comments above about authentic branding. Don’t mislead clients into choosing your business by presenting values that you do not deliver!

The fourth process is: Retaining your best clients so that they will become your most effective form of marketing. Call it work-of-mouth, or “viral marketing.” The recommendations and referrals that come from satisfied clients are your most valuable form of marketing. Client satisfaction always leads to more business. Don’t forget to keep your clients happy, before, during and after their initial purchase!

To effectively accomplish each of these processes you will almost certainly need the assistance of a professional marketing firm that understands the fundamental of ethical marketing for fitness and understands the values that your business offers. Unlike many other marketing for fitness firms that focus on membership-drives and pricing gimmicks, we utilize our creative skills to create customized brand and marketing programs, to improve how your business is presented to your clients and potential clients.

Once you’ve accomplished the four steps above, you can begin to restructure your marketing for fitness businesses. This will become your new master plan to grow your business, and everything you do to brand and marketing your business will fit into this plan.