My Garden Is My Child, Literally: Organic Baby Clothes and Products

Though I may offend the more conservative members of my family, I believe the apparent growth of the organic movement is a good thing. Unlike most people passionately attached to one side or the other, I do not pretend to be an expert, nor do I flatter myself that I am conversant with the literature dealing the the science of the subject. However, it is to me a very simple article of belief that those things which are most natural to us are most beneficial. It has always struck me as common sense that if one can accomplish the same, or similar results, by organic as by artificial means, why would one not use the organic? A kind of agricultural Occam’s Razor.

However, though organic gardening is one thing, organic living is quite another. With the exception of a very few hardy souls, the problem for most of us becomes where to draw the line. If the internal combustion engine is acceptable, is driving the SUV acceptable as well?

Organic baby clothes
Organic baby clothes

Now, if part of the rationale for the interest in going green is a concern for the future of our children, why not start them out with a clean slate? My daughter may be too young to feel guilt, but what price will she pay for the disposable diapers she has managed to stuff with the contents of an entire landfill?

There is good news for the parent who would start a child out in life unsoiled by synthetic fiber and chemical pesticides. Organic baby clothes and products can now be found in abundance. While the true Earth Mother will feed her infant entirely on breast milk and pureed home-grown vegetables, the rest of us can now find certified organic baby food at virtually any supermarket. But it now goes well beyond food. Most of us draw the aforementioned organic line right about there, but if that tiny carbon footprint is a huge concern, there is an organic baby product to meet just about any need. The vigilant parent can outfit a child in an array of organic clothing that would turn Woody Harrelson green (pardon the pun) with envy.

Like I say, going to this extent is not for everyone, myself included. I fault no one for going so far and no farther, but it is comforting to know that somewhere out there are enough people that do go that distance that it is worthwhile for like-minded souls to provide them with the products they need to do so.