How to bring an On site Caravan for Sale back to life

How to bring an On site Caravan for Sale back to life

Looking for a On site Caravan for Sale and living in Sydney or Melbourne? Many city-siders look in locations that are 2-3 hours drive from the city. This is because of accessibility and convenience. Onsite caravans for Sale in Wollongong or the Central Coast near Sydney are very popular. For Melbourne it may be Onsite caravans for Sale in Torquay or the Morning Peninsula.

You may have come across an On site Caravan for Sale that you like the look of but when you investigate further, you realise that its not exactly in good condition. The On site Caravan for Sale may look old, have stains and even have a musty smell. There are however a number of ways to improve the appearance and comfort of an Onsite Caravan without paying for huge renovations. Here are some handy tips on sprucing up your Onsite Caravan.

Full Valet Service

On site Caravan for Sale

Firstly, giving the Onsite Caravan an intense deep clean can make the world of difference. It can help by getting rid of unwanted scuffs, smells and stains. If you don’t feel like you are up to the challenge, then there are plenty of valet services that are for cars but will also work on caravans. There are some companies that even specialise in Caravans, knowing all the difficult areas of the caravan to clean.

Re-Upholster the Interior Furniture

An On site Caravan for Sale can be 15-20 years old and the couch and interior seating most likely is the original. It may be sagging, stained and worn out. If the bed is a fixed bed perhaps you can change to a new mattress that gives more support. Many Onsite Caravans have seating that turns into a bed and this may have been worn out of years of use. Carpets and vinyl can also be replaced and this can give a dramatic change to the Onsite Caravan look and feel.

There are a number of companies that provide full re-upholster service for Caravan owners. Pricing will be a fraction of the cost of a new Caravan and can range between $800-$1500.


Changing curtains is even more simple and easier than the upholstery. Changing the curtains can make the Onsite Caravan feel more modern and brighten up the atmosphere. If you want the original colour scheme you can contact the manufacturer and see if they still hold stock. Some companies are very helpful and have original items but others don’t seem to care.


If your On site Caravans for Sale feels dark even when the lights are on then changing your light blubs from to LED will brighten the atmosphere and also save you money. LED uses up to 80% less power than standard blubs. If you feel confident you could even consider adding some LED lighting strips to the lining of your Caravan. Make sure that all lights are on a 12V circuit, if you have higher powered lights you might want to leave this to a professional to make the adaption.

These are just a few affordable tips on how to bring Onsite Caravan back to life.

If you need a starting point on where to start your search for Onsite Caravans near Sydney, check out On site Caravans for Sale in Wollongong Region, NSW and Central Coast. Most Onsite caravans for Sale in Wollongong or the Central Coast have beach access which is popular for families during the summer months. has Onsite caravans for Sale in Wollongong and the Central Coast listed for Sale.


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