Fundraiser Events Works Only Under These Conditions

Fundraiser Events Works Only Under These Conditions

Our 22,000 sq. ft. Fundraiser events Centre is perfect for corporate meetings, conferences, training, seminars, and committee or organizational meetings. The 9,000 sq. ft. main room is convertible in just minutes from auditorium-style row seating to dining-style seating at tables — this includes hybrid seating with any combination of tables and rows of seats. Chairs are padded and comfortable, with slots in the back for papers, pencils and hand-outs. The large stage can be set up for a single presenter, a committee at a table, a full band, or a drama/skit, and includes stage lighting. There is plenty of on-site parking for your attendees, including handicap spaces with ramp access. WiFi internet access is found throughout the location. Contact Us today to make your rental reservation.

Fundraiser Events
Fundraiser Events

Conference, Meeting and Breakout Rooms for Available Your Use:

  • Large main room, seats 550, convertible space for row-style seating, or seating at tables, or both
  • Welcome Center, useful for registration for a conference, or gathering during your fundraiser events
  • Two separate, partitioned areas for use as breakout rooms during training seminars
  • Parlor, can be used as a separate meeting Austin space to provide privacy, or an additional break-out room
  • Three additional breakout rooms with CCTV capability & centrally connected sound are available upon demand

Two sound-proof partitions fold out from the side walls of the main room to create two classrooms, each seating about 30. With the classrooms in Self Storage Campbell, the parlor and the main room, your conference or training group can have four separate break-out rooms for your meeting. The classrooms include separate lighting. Each has a separate pull-down projection screen. A portable projector with computer connections and a DVD/VCR is available. A cart with 36″ TV and DVD/VCR is also available.

In the main room your presenters can use the standing lectern with built-in microphone, or smaller music-stands, tables and and mic-stands. The sound system has multiple wireless microphones, including lavaliere and hand-held (4 each). If you have a band or musicians, the stage has a full complement of connections into the sound system.

A/V Equipment for Your Computer Presentations and Video:

  • Two computer connections
  • Two computers with PowerPoint
  • Connectors for iPods, MP3 players and other audio and video devices
  • Remote Computer Control, available to help presenters control a computer from the stage
  • Three projections screens, two in front, and one in back; presentations and video are visible from all parts of the room
  • CCTVs in most break-out rooms for displaying the main session presentation
  • DVD/VCR player

The Welcome Centre lobby can be used for conference or training fundraiser events registration. Coffee and beverage service is here Self Storage near me, as well as plenty of space for gathering before meetings and during breaks. Televisions, CCTV, connected to the projection and sound system, are found throughout the facility, so attendees can remain connected to the fundraiser great rates events, even when it is necessary to leave the main room. Sound from the main room is available throughout the location, and offers separate volume controls (including “off”) in each room.

Other Useful Features of Our Meeting and Conference Location:

Fully equipped commercial kitchen and serving equipment

Dedicated catering staff to help you put it all together

Wifi Internet access throughout

Plenty of on-site, off-street, parking with handicap spaces and ramp access