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5 Key Takeaways About SEO

If you own a website, you want people to find it right? The search engines are typically the biggest drivers of traffic to a website. That is, if your website can be found in the search engines. People turn to the search engines when they are looking for information on just about everything, including the products or services that you offer. In order to improve your presence in the search engines you need to be investing in SEO Company San Jose CA.

Here are 5 important things to know about SEO:

The process is on going

The SEO process essentially never ends. Sure, the bulk of the work is done up front (keyword research, on site optimization, creating a link earning strategy) but in order to build up and maintain a prominent search engine presence you need to continually be working at promoting your brand and website across the web. SEO success isn’t going to come overnight. In fact, it can take many months or even years to see significant improvement. While frustrating, it’s still essential to continue to work at SEO Company San Jose CA.

It’s all about content

Your existing website content needs to be optimized, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. In order to be successful with SEO today you need to be creating and publishing optimized content on an on-going basis. Informational content that is posted on your website and on other websites as guest contributions is what will get your brand noticed and generate natural inbound links when it gets shared. Every page of content that you create is an additional opportunity to rank in the search engines for related keyword terms and generate links and traffic.

SEO Company San Jose CA
SEO Company San Jose CA

It’s tied to social media

First off, business social media activity is no longer optional. It’s mandatory. No matter what kind of business you have, your target audience is using social media and it’s an excellent way to engage with them and capture their interest. Social media management shouldn’t be operated in a silo. It needs to be integrated with every other marketing effort, especially SEO Company San Jose CA. Social signals are an important part of the search algorithm. Content must be shared and promoted in social media in order to generate interest and earn social signals.

The focus is on quality

Instead of worrying about the number of links you have or the number of blog posts you need to write, focus instead on the quality of links and the content that you write. 10 quality links built over a period of a few months is better than 500 links that have little value. When it comes to content, don’t rush content creation just to meet a quota. The priority should be creating good content that will be linked to and shared.

The target audience isn’t the search engines

In order to keep your SEO Company San Jose CA strategy as natural as possible, always make your prospective customers or clients the top priority, not the search engines. Focusing too much on the search spiders can make you lose sight of those that actually matter. Create content for them and create links where they are spending their time on the web.